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Battle Phonics is designed to help you learn English words with the most effective and fun methods. By comparing your own spoken words to the native pronunciation, you will learn how to correctly read 500 words altogether.



* 500 words are divided into 17 themes. By completing each theme at a time, you will be able to read, spell and pronounce 500 words altogether!

* You can record your own voice to check your pronunciation.

* Flashcards are combined with fun games to increase the effectiveness of your learning.

* Each word card is specially made with clay, hand-made, to inspire your children's creativity.

* 3 different learning activities

1. Flashcards: Presented with 5 different choices.

Flashcards, Image and Sound, Text and Sound, Image Only, Flashcards(Auto)

2. Practice: Listen to your own pronunciation with our recording mode.

3. Battle:  Challenge your friends and family with this 2 player game on pronunciation. The one with the most accurate pronunciation will be the winner!

* This free version contains 20 words to get you started with. You can purchase more themes at any time. (One theme/category containing 35 ~ 45 words)


To Parents

- Instead of repeating the same old method of memorizing words by copying them a thousand times, Battle Phonics exclusively adapted a program that involves active participation, such as using your own voice to record your pronunciation.

- In Battle Phonics, the emphasis is not on translating the words. The children will acquire the meanings by matching the pictures to the sound of the words, which is just how native English speakers would learn their language.

- We encourage the parents to participate in this game with the children. Children learn much faster than adults do. So when they win against their parents in these challenges, it will motivate them even more.


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